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About the Bros

It all started with two vegan bros who had a passion for fitness and tasty food.

We were frustrated by the lack of vegan options which catered for health conscious and fitness fanatics like us who also enjoy baking. They all had a high sugar and fat content and some stated it had high protein, when in fact this was not true at all. 

It is not always easy to bake from scratch, especially with all the complicated recipes and the fancy ingredients they require. 


This made it inconvenient, especially when you are working long hours, need to go to the gym or just craving something mouth watering but healthy.

We wanted to prove that vegan food can be healthy, tasty, guilt free and help achieve your fitness goals.

So that is why The Vegain Bros have created convenient and high protein vegan baking mixes and foods that require you to do as little as possible but gain so much more!


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